About Us


I’m Shirley R.Wilson and welcome to Toptenstrollers.com. If you have found your way here, you probably want to know a little bit more about me and what I do on this parenting blog!

First, I’m a happily married mother of two beautiful kids, and I love taking them outside to play and enjoy themselves. Sometimes, I need a stroller, a good one, that will work for my kid's needs as well as my own. My kids are rowdy, just as most are at their age, but sometimes my children need to rest or nap, and their stroller is part of their safe zone, so making sure it’s the best is my job.

I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important.

I’ve learned a lot from my two kids, not just about parenting and what babies are like, but also about the safety of strollers and toys they play with, how to take beautiful pictures while they squirm about, and what is going to work best for them since they’re individuals.

Children are unique and different; you’ll never find two children exactly alike. I think that is an important consideration when blogging about needs of children, products for your kids and my experiences as a parent of two.

As a parent, there are some things we just know and other things we just need help with understanding. We take the stress out of finding the products you need with detailed reviews and product information. We make sure it’s all sourced and credible so you can trust our information.

Writing the articles in this blog are important to me because they’re there to help you. When you need help with finding the best stroller for your child, I’ve got you covered. If you want to know how to work out with your stroller, I’ve got what you need.

Even if you are traveling with a baby for the first time or for the millionth time, I’ll make sure you don’t forget a thing! Flying can be a scary thing that your baby doesn’t understand, and I’ve been there too many times to count, but it’ll be okay.

This blog is here to provide you with the information and help you might need as a new parent or as a veteran parent. There is an article or post for anything you may need to know about, want to know about, reviews on products, and even a picture gallery. Take your time around our beautiful site laid out for you and enjoy.

If you are interested in reaching out to me or contacting me for further information, you can contact me on my email: shirley.toptenstrollers {at} gmail {dot} com or leave a comment on any of the posts, and we’ll respond back to you. We appreciate any time you take to contact us or let us know about you and your family.

I hope you enjoy your stay with us and all the articles we take the time to produce for you.

With love