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Best Baby Travel System Strollers Reviews 2020

Traveling with children is so much fun to do! The experiences you can have with the kids and help them to gain knowledge of new worlds. I love taking my kids on adventures whether it’s driving to their Grandma’s house, or flying to Hawaii for a fun-packed vacation!

I make sure to pack a lot of healthy snacks for our trips, no matter if we drive, fly, or bus there. Snacks keep children from crashing, becoming irritable between meals, and help keep their positivity flowing. Not to mention that if they’re eating, they aren’t crying!


For every trip we go on, I always make sure we bring our travel system with us. It’s such a huge part of the journey, and it makes everything easier. 

There are several types of strollers available under many different brands. Each type is built with the intention to ease a parent’s stress and keep the child comfortable and safe while on the move. So, I hope in this article will help you can find your best travel system stroller from my guide!

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Baby Travel System Strollers 2017

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What To Look For While Choosing The Best Travel System Stroller?

When choosing the best, you need to know just what you’re looking for. I always make a list before I buy something: what I want, what I’d like to have, and what I don’t want or don’t mind

I always think about the safety first, but that’s a given when caring for your baby. Other things to look for are how they are designed to fit and work together, the price of the stroller, the maximum weight, and the weight of the car seat and stroller.

Traveling with these items can be easy if they are lightweight and compact. You don’t want to lug around a 50-lb. stroller if you don’t have to!

What Are The Things You Should Consider While Buying?

Buying a best baby travel system stroller can be a tedious task, with so many options and brands available in the market it becomes difficult to choose and make the right decision.

As a piece of general advice, before investing in a travel system stroller, you must consider a few things and make up your mind likewise. Some of the considerable key points are:

  • Before buying a best travel system stroller, consider your mobility needs and the compatibility of your car with infant car seats. Narrow down your choices to the systems that can fit nicely into your car i.e the car seat as well as the baby stroller. Also, consider your storage capacity while at home or in the car.
  • Most travel systems are fully packaged and consist of all three items i.e car seat, car seat bas and baby stroller. In case you cannot find the right combination of car seat and baby stroller according to your usability needs, you can make your very own customized travel system by carefully choosing a compatible car seat and the base. It will be a plus if your car seat will be compatible with the baby stroller as well.
  • The car seat is the fundamental item of a travel system and it should be comfortable, flexible and easy to carry around. Some car seats also have the option to clip-on to your vehicle belts without the need of a car seat base but you must be very careful about its clipping options; choose a 5-point harness system and ensure the safety and an intact placement of the car seat while you are on the move.

Whom Is This Product Designed for!

From the core usage perspective, this product is designed for all babies, twin babies, toddlers, siblings of limited age gaps.

Primarily these strollers are operated by the housewives, nannies and parents traveling somewhere with their young kid.

Top 5 Best Travel System Stroller Reviews For 2017

Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe, 35 Travel System, has a lightweight aluminum stroller with the click-and-go connection. The stroller is compatible with any Britax Brand car seat and has an easy one-hand fold system for simple fold and use.

The maximum weight of this stroller and car seat is recommended for 55 lbs. The travel system weighs in at about 28 pounds, providing a light and easy to carry system for traveling. This travel system comes with a 1-year limited warranty on parts and damages, so it’s best to read your manual.


  • This travel system stroller is very easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy design and frame make this a high-quality stroller.
  • The stroller is easy to maneuver with its three-wheel design.


  • This travel system is on the more expensive side.
  • The customer service is poor.
  • The first Britax strollers were recalled.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System has a three-wheel swivel frame made from sturdy aluminum. The stroller can hold a child up to 50 lbs. and 42” tall while the car seat can hold the infant up to 30 pounds.

The stroller is heavy, weighing 49 lbs. This is not a stroller that you just want to carry around with you. The warranty for the stroller and car seat is for six months after purchase.


  • The stroller can handle rougher terrain such as gravel and dirt with ease.
  • Easily folds with two hooks and push.
  • The stroller has a smooth ride and is easy to maneuver.


  • The stroller is hefty
  • Removing the car seat from the base is difficult to do.
  • The car seat does have an adjusting harness.

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System is a 22-lb. stroller designed to be carried for travel and features a compact storage. This stroller and car seat combo are made to be ultra-comfortable and provide a smooth ride for your child.

The car seat will hold your baby until 35 lbs. while the stroller can hold up to 50 pounds. This three-wheel stroller features a double wheel in the front for easy movement and to handle any style of terrain. This travel system has a 1-year warranty on the parts and features of the stroller and car seat.


  • Includes a car base that is easy to install.
  • The rubber tires make it easier for dirt and gravel paths.
  • The comfortable stroller provides the ability to nap smoothly in.


  • The stroller is not as durable as a jogger on rougher terrain.
  • The car seat does not fit securely into the stroller.
  • Removing the car seat from the base in the car is difficult and hard to do.

Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System is a best travel system combo because of its easy foldability and storage. The stroller is made to be lightweight for easy traveling and portability on the go. The car seat can handle infants up to 30 lbs. while the stroller is capable of up to 50 pounds.

The materials on the car seat and stroller are very high-quality and durable for a long-lasting combination. The stroller is a three-wheel design with an aluminum base and thick, plastic wheels. This travel system comes with a 6-months warranty on parts and damages.


  • The stroller is easy to assemble and quick to fold for storing away.
  • The car seat is easy to install and uninstall from the base.
  • Slim design stroller makes for easy maneuvering and mobility while in tight spaces.


  • The front cup holder is removable which makes the car seat un-secure when attached to the stroller.
  • There is no padding in the car seat or stroller, so it’s uncomfortable for your baby.
  • The car seat sits too upright in the most reclined position, so the baby leans forward.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System is a modern designed travel system that accommodates infants in car seats until 35 lbs. and in the stroller until 50 pounds. This stroller is fitted with extra padded cushions for optimal support for your child’s comfortability.

The stroller weighs 30 lbs. so it’s easy to lift and store away with the easy to use fastaction fold. It even has a speaker to plug your iPod into to listen to music as you exercise with your little one. The warranty on this travel system is a 1-year limited warranty from your date of purchase.


  • This stroller is easy to assemble, fold, and unfold for use and storing.
  • The car seat is made for newborns and won’t make them lean forward.
  • This combo is very sturdy and durable for maximum wear and tear.


  • The front wheel locks when on the rough and uneven terrain.
  • The canopy only covers half of the child if they are lying down in the stroller.
  • The stroller does not lay flat, making it hard for naptime and diaper changes.


Final Verdict! It is understandable that there are numerous things to look at before making the final decision of purchasing a stroller. The above-discussed products are some of the best travel system strollers for different kind of people.

Selecting a good brand to pick a stroller is very important and in that way you can raise the chance of getting a better system.

You can pick any one of the discussed strollers. But if you want to be more conclusive then it is suggested to make the list shorter. Get any one of these two strollers: Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System, Black or Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Phantom. You will win for sure.

Tips&Tricks To Buy And Use A Travel System Strollers

If you are considering buying best travel system stroller 2017 or have already bought one, there are several tips and tricks that you can follow to get the most out of your travel system.

1. Consider your infants weight and height before buying a car seat. Most car seats come with a weight limit of 22 lbs which gives you the freedom to use the car seat for a long time before replacing it with a new, front facing car seat.

2. Always test the folding and harnessing system of the travel system and choose the one that best fits your car and keeps your baby secure.

3. If you are moving a lot, it is always advisable to buy a complete travel system for your infant instead of buying a car seat only for the first 6 months and then looking for a stroller all over again. A complete travel system from a good brand will go a long way and if used properly you can use it for all of your kids.

4. Look for a travel system and stroller that has ease of use and provides you secure storage places while you are out for a walk or just going for a grocery shopping to a nearby store.

5. Once you have bought the travel system, read the usage guide carefully and properly fix the car seat base into your vehicle. Once the base is fixed, snapping on the car seat onto the base and off to the stroller is a simple and quick task.

6. Always keep your travel system ready for long travels like keeping an extra pack of wipes, diapers and extra pair of clothing with your travel system so you don’t have to worry about it every time you are going in the car.

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