Best Kids Cameras – Digital Cameras for Children 2020

Best Kids Cameras

Dear parent, this is where I normally say that you need to give it some thoughts. Thinking of the very best camera for your kids may take two scenarios. Case one, according to you which is scarier? Your little one grabbing your camera from your hands and trying to capture pictures of you or you trying to take pictures of the perfect moments of your cute one?


Most likely you will go for the former. Today curiosity is enduring this situation, and many parents are scared out of their pants. Some even find it hard even to say the least about kid’s cameras. Ooh…but you don’t have to panic or even wonder how you’ll ever capture those special moments.

True, all you need is getting your kid their own camera. Of course, this may sound insane but it’s a solution to your problem and besides it sets your lovely one on the path of success as a pro-photographer

Things To Consider When Buying A Kids Camera

Best Kids Cameras

Nevertheless, if you have ever owned or even handled a camera, you definitely have a clue on how much a daunting task it can be yet you’re an adult knowing exactly what you need. Oops! Just imagine how much daunting it can be choosing a kid-friendly camera for your little one.

One who probably is clueless about what a camera is and what it does but despite all this wants to have it in their hands. This not only apply to your kids up to three years of age but it’s neither a walk in the park for a toddler between 9-16 years. But there is always a solution to your problem, and you’ll be excited in the way you’ll be turning on your kid’s creativity. But raising your kid in this tech field world, there is a host of points to keep in mind before getting your kid any electronic device such as a camera.

And with myriads makes, models and technology they feature, these factors are more important to keep in mind. I have done a through research, and I’m pumped to share my somewhat rough guide to help you settle for the best camera for your kid.

Memory capacity

Today if you go shopping a camera for toddlers you’ll probably go for a camera with low memory. Because you have a notion that kid’s camera need not have a large memory capacity as that of an adult. But this is a misplaced notion, why?

Kids looking to explore and with a genuine interest in photography will just take more pictures than an adult. These photos may not have the right quality, but they take up space and daring to get rid of them you’ll face your toddler's rage. So go for that camera with a considerably large memory.


Always feature on anything you might be preparing to purchase, but it’s more important when buying your kids camera. While kids may show a strong sense of camera and photography, this may change drastically since they are getting to know themselves and what the world has to offer them.

So don’t make a huge investment at first. Also, keep in mind they are quite careless and can easily break the device. Just go for that device that offers above average performance but a lower price.

USB cables

If your child has to store the pictures he takes on a PC or print them out, then the camera you’ll buy should have a USB functionality. Regardless of age, this feature ensures that your kid has an easy time uploading the photos from the camera.


It’s recommended to introduce your child to the world of photography at a tender age, but at age varies so does the types of cameras they can use. So with time, complexity increases, size reduces and features advance as well.

5. Vtech Kidizoom Camera

VTech Kidizoom Camera

This digital camera for kids is fairly a 4-in-1 endless photo fun. Your child can take and edit photos, make movies and play games. It offers 4×digital zoom that offers 4× the fun. So you child can become an instant photographer and a movie director with the press of a button. It comes with an easy to use viewfinder and design that’s safe for kids. It has a 128MB internal storage and an SD card for external memory. So it can store 75% higher than what other cameras can provide your kid with. Not to mention the ability to connect to a computer.

It is lightweight and easy to hold thanks to its large bumpers. It is, therefore, easy for your little one to operate and carry around. You can imagine your child trying to lift, balance and keep stationery a camera that is heavier than this.

Babies are clumsy and are bound to drop the camera to the ground or down of a flight of stairs for fun. But this kid camera is bulky enough to survive a hard fall. You’ll be pleased having a durable and handy camera.

This digital camera comes with voice and video recorders. It can take photos with funny stamps, apply photo effects and change recorded voices. Thanks to the 5 voice changing effects. These functions counter the sense of boredom.

4. Nikon COOLPIX S31 10.1 MP Waterproof Digital Camera


Taking photos should be fun always, the fun and innovative collection celebrate two core principles all of which are reflected in the COOLPIX line. Fabulous! You can take this digital camera for kids everywhere.It's waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. It can’t get better than this. Even the roughest conditions won’t stop you and your kid from recording precious memories. You can capture the sights and sounds in a breeze.

You can take 720p HD videos with sounds and bring your memories to life. A photo alone may not do it perfectly, therefore by pressing the movie button you instantly start recording your movie in widescreen format. So anytime you’re ready to share your creations just connect the COOLPIXSs31 to an HDTV, and you’re good to dazzle your family and friends.

It comes with oversized buttons which make operation super simple. The bright 2.7-inch LCD allow every member of the family to make a turn. For maximum point and shoot convenience, you can select an Easy Auto Mode and enjoy the moment while you capture them.

You can also share the magic of In-camera slideshows with music using this camera. This means you can easily review and laugh over the pics and movies of the day with the easy slideshow mode. Share the sights and sounds of your adventure in a fun slide show.

3. Fujifilm Instax Hello Kitty Instant Film Camera


This Instax mini is now everyone’s favorite hello kitty. But with Fujifilm's popular Mini 8 instant camera morphing into the Hello Kitty this camera is really awesome. It's shooting speed is super high, about 1/60 secs shutter speed so your moments can be printed and shared effortlessly.

You can take self-portraits easily with this Hello Kitty. It is equipped with a mirror for taking the perfect self-portraits so that you can take a high-key photo easily. This camera adjusts brightness settings automatically so that you can get a perfect shot.

The high key mode allows you to take pictures with a softer impression. It comes with amazing close-up lens for shots up to 35cm from the subject. Therefore, when shooting small articles, flowers, etc. you can simply use the close-up lens to create an enlarged image of the subject.Also comes with 10 shots of Hello Kitty edition Mini color film, shoulder strap, warranty and hello kitty stickers. This ensures that you are the envy of all your friends. This camera boasts a cute and fun Hello Kitty body design. You can, therefore, take it anywhere.

If you are looking for an easy to use a camera, it boasts a simple operation for instant pictures. It is also durable and bulky enough to survive a fall on a hard surface. Even after a hard fall on a ceramic floor the camera will still look great and function optimally. The color itself is fun and great for teenagers.

2. Polaroid 14 MP Waterproof Digital Camera


This dual screen camera comes with a 2.7 inch rear LCD and a 1.8 inch front LCD that makes it great for family selfies. Besides, it features 5× optical zoom. This camera is up to10 feet or 3 meters under water.It features large lens to let in a lot of lights so that it will take reasonable photos underwater. You’ll take great pictures thanks to its high-resolution camera (14.1 MP).

It also has a microSD memory card slot; you can, therefore, expand your storage capacity to store all your pictures. It is simple to use, and all the no-frills functions are simple. The pictures it takes are of good quality, and it is thus worth the price. The good thing about this camera is like most cell phones; it also has a selfie mode.

However, some reviewers who have tried this camera have expressed concerns over durability, speed and battery life. Taking a picture with this camera is not straightforward. You hold the button down and wait for a while it’s therefore not ideal for action shots.

The battery life of this camera is poor and unlike other models, this model has a single door to the batteries and it’s very hard to open.

1. GoPro HERO3: White Edition 


If you are looking for an immersive life capture, this camera features a stunning image quality and built-in Wi-Fi all which makes it simple to document and share your life’s memorable moments. With this camera, you can capture 1080p video for gorgeous footage of every moment.A variety of photo modes ensures you take the best shots. It is also small and lightweight. This means you can mount it to your gear as you capture your favorite activities or just take it anywhere you go. It automatically captures photos set at intervals between 0.5 to 60 seconds.

It is waterproof and durable, even 40 meters under water this camera will still take great photos. This device is built to withstand nearly anything you through at it. So you can take this HERO3 White anywhere to captures life adventures.

It’s ultra-wide and thus, fit in every frame. It is ideal for gear-mounted shots and close range selfies. It delivers an immersive perspective for uniquely engaging footage. It is great for gear—mounted shots. With an advanced wind-noise reduction technology the audio is clear even during high-speed activities.

Naturally kids are creative since their brains are developing and capable of unimaginable things. Photography provides a better way for them to express all they have cooped up in them. By paying attention to how your toddler expresses himself/herself through photography can tell you more about his/her interests and hobbies.

Therefore, you should get your child a camera once he/she starts showing interests in cameras. With that, we should probably end here. But in case you need a little bit more guidance on the exact camera, you should get going by our guide above, then compare all the five products above and find one that suits your child best.​


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us