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Best Umbrella Stroller Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

It is time to take your child for a stroll. So investing in the best umbrella stroller is a noble decision. But with myriad options in the market, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming trying to figure out which stroller best suits your baby.

If you are not informed, you may end up buying the wrong product, and that’s a disaster. There are important factors to consider when making the choice. We have spent a lot of time searching all over the internet, seeking advice from other moms and comparing different brands to come up with our top ten.


This guide will help you make the best choice that meets your needs. Further, you will also read about our 10 best recommendations. Before you walk out to the market and make that purchase decision, the most important thing to do is to figure out what is it that you need.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Umbrella Stroller

**Below, you'll find our short reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices, detail about product or read customer reviews on Amazon.com.


Things To Consider When Buying A Umbrella Stroller

While basic models designed to be like a foldable pushchair still serve its purpose, complex models have more features to offer. Nevertheless, there are several things you should consider first to help you settle for the right umbrella stroller for you. Always consider the following:

  • Weight

When shopping for an umbrella stroller, you want to get one that you can use for daily errands. You actually want a stroller that is light weight to maximize portability whether by hand or through public transportation.

However, this doesn’t mean you go for the lowest weight because they are prone to breakage and tipping over backward. Therefore, you may not be able to hang your bag and other carrying items while you push the stroller.

  • Dimension

It is important to know the dimensions of your stroller to determine whether the stroller will fit in your storage at home or your trunk.

  • Foldability

​The folding mechanism brings a great difference in convenience, for great results try to find one that offers easy fold mechanism. A stroller that can be operated with just one hand is preferred because you can easily fold and unfold the stroller while holding your baby on the other hand.

  • Construction Materials

Owning a sturdy stroller is important. Strollers made out of aluminum or metal parts are the best as they tend to last longer. There are some made from plastics, although they might cost lesser, they don’t last longer.

Also, consider the materials out of which the wheels are made from. Rubber wheels are preferred because they won’t wobble easily and they keep your stroller stable.

  • Canopy

You don’t want your kid to bake in the hot sun. So a stroller with a canopy is ideal as it provides shade to your kid. But having an adjustable and detachable canopy is even better. Some occur in UV-protected fabric, and this is a big bonus.

  • Price

Different models come with their own price based on quality, performance, and features. Many people think that the best stroller is the most expensive one, but that’s rarely the case. Consider your budget, don’t go for a product that will not dig deep into your pocket. There are still some strollers that offer beyond average performance at a lower price.

  • Features

To provide your baby with the utmost care, safety and comfort, there are additional features to consider. A five-point harness with a secure buckle and rear brakes is preferred. It secures your child better as compared with an average stroller. It also prevent energetic kids from falling off.

Often, kids fall asleep in intervals when they go on strolls; therefore, reclining features allows your kid to rest comfortably. Lastly, storage pockets are nice to put your things and place your child snacks and drinks. Keep in mind that all these features are not always available in all models but are definitely great to have.


Top 10 Best Umbrella Stroller Recommendations

Now that you already know what to look for, you are now set to go for that umbrella stroller that meets your requirements. With so many different models available today, you may feel a bit overwhelmed though this is somewhat natural.

Before spending your money on a stroller make sure you’re getting the very best stroller for your kid. A wrong purchase will cost you time, money and even put your baby’s safety at risk.

We have done an in-depth research and compared different models from various brands, and this has helped us to come up with a list of the best umbrella strollers that may meet your needs.

We, therefore, present you with our top ten picks. And because our needs, lifestyle, and preferences may differ our top ten umbrella strollers’ reviews may help you better measure and decide the right umbrella stroller to invest in.

This Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller is durable and light weight. It is one of the lightest strollers on the market. Thanks to its air-light aluminum frame which makes it easy to carry and push.

No worry even when going for a sunny day stroll, this stroller comes with a canopy that features a flip out visor that protects your child from harmful UV-lights. The canopy is also adjustable and removable giving more convenience.

Its open design gives you access to its extra-large storage baskets. In addition to the cup holders, it has a place for your drinks as well.

It was designed with the safety of your kid in mind. The shoulder straps are well padded, and it has a large seat area with a 5-point safety harness. While your baby takes a nap, the multi-position recline ensures that your kid is comfortable and safe.

This 3D Lite is easy to fold and comes with a carry strap for easy transportation. This 3D Lite stroller has anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels that ensure the unit is stable.

This Recaro easy life stroller is the perfect companion for your everyday family life. It is super quick, super light and super easy to fold. It weighs only 13 pounds, and this makes it the lightest in its class.

It has the easiest, quickest and most compact one hand fold ideal for on the go parents. When folded, it stands on its own and fits effortlessly into the smallest trunks and spaces.

The single and continuous handlebar make it convenient to push this stroller with one hand. The all wheel suspension system provides a smooth ride. Its front lockable swivel wheels are designed for easy maneuvering.

Safety of your child is considered in its design. It features a quick, multi-position seat recline combined with a three point, five point harness with padded straps to provide a custom comfort for your child while cruising in the park.

It comes with an oversized and extendable canopy that has UV SPF 50+ protection and a water-repellent coating to protect your child from harsh elements. It's pedicure friendly push brake is quick to engage and also prevents shoe scuffs.

This easy life provides a breathable comfort as the cool, mesh sidewalls increase airflow. The woven luxe and temperature balancing fabrics ensure maximum comfort for your child. And the mesh peekaboo window offers visibility and ventilation while strolling. It also features a convenient storage basket for your stowed items.

With a wide seat and 2-point recline, your young passenger can take a pleasant nap in this stroller. Not many strollers can do this at its price.

The seat cover is made of mesh to provide air circulation even in the warmest months. The padded seat cushions are removable for easy cleaning.

It is super stable, and you can pile some few things in the back without worrying that the stroller will tip over. Steering this stroller is pretty good, and you can even use one hand. Its handles are well positioned and tall enough.

It comes with a canopy rated UPF+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) that protects your kid from harmful sun rays. If you are looking for convenience, this net stroller is easy to open and close. More so, when it can stand on its own when folded, thus no part in direct contact with your baby will touch the ground.

It is the lightest Inglesina stroller, weighing just 11.2 pounds. It also features a practical shoulder strap so you can take it with you on trips.

This 3D Lite is designed to be lightweight. Thanks to the air-light aluminum frame which makes it super light-weight. It is easy to carry and push. It is easy enough to fold and open.

This lightweight stroller is durable enough to stand the test of time. The seat reclines almost flat, and this is ideal for on the go diaper changes.

Features a large, adjustable and removable sunshade which blocks your sensitive baby skin from harmful rays. The pop out sun visor offers, even more, protection on extra sunny days.

The five point harness adjusts to 3 height positions as your child grows. All the straps are well padded to keep your baby always comfortable while strolling.

This 3D-lite offers plenty of storage for holding oversized purses, diaper bags, and the rear storage pocket is perfect for cell phones and keys. A cup holder is included, so you have a place for your baby bottle and snacks.

This Techno XT provides compact, sporty style and easy maneuvering. The multi-position recline backrest, convenient one-handheld adjustment, and extendable leg rests make it perfect for infant use.

Another big plus for this stroller is the head and the foot barrier that safely cocoons the newborn babies.

It is constructed from high-strength lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy. It comes with ergonomic handles for easy pushing by parents of all heights. The alloy style wheels with self-aligning front swivel unit, and the all-wheel suspension provides a smooth ride.

This Techno XT features a large, waterproof UPF +50 hood for extra coverage of your child. This buggy also includes a built-in sun visor and wind resistant rain cover to protect your child from harsh elements. In addition, the seats are easy to remove and machine washable.

This lightweight stroller is travel and mess-friendly. It comes with washable seat cushion that reverses from playful pattern a solid, compact, one-handheld fold design with a convenient carrying handle.

The adjustable reclining backrest and footrest keep your baby comfortable. The recline has an easy one hand squeeze mechanism which adds convenience. It comes with an infant positioner for added support.

In addition, it comes with a single-button-release, five-point safety harness with a pacifier attachment for maximum safety. The cushions are machine washable.

This series 300 is ideal for newborns and up. It comes with an expandable sunshade with two loops that protects your baby from the sun's harmful UV rays. A wood rattle ring is also included.

It is a durable stroller made of rust-free and sleek aluminum frame. This stroller features a super smart phone pocket to keep tabs hands-free and all-wheel suspension for a glorious ride.

Besides, this stroller comes with a soft plush harness straps with pacifier attachment hook, smartphone pocket, and with an accessible window for quick tweets and lullabies for baby.

This Nano Stroller is the ultimate travel companion that promises longevity and convenience. It is a stylish and innovative travel arsenal. It is cleverly engineered with perfect weight distribution for optimal performance.

Its ultra-lightweight handling allows you to go anywhere you, please. You can also pop the front wheels up for curb hopping on your travels.

It is equipped with an on-board car seat adapter which makes it converts to a travel system that can accommodate any infant car seat with the belt style adaptors.

The adaptors secure your infant car seat to the seat and frame. So you’ll travel easily with your newborn in their car seat.

It is easy to fold this Nano, just with a press of two buttons, it simply drops in two stages, and the frame automatically locks. The Nano also come with its own custom fit carry satchel or pull through the shoulder strap for easy carry-on.

This travel stroller also features built-in rear wheel suspension to keep your little one comfortable and smooth ride. Thanks to its easy to use brakes that provide extra safety.

This LiteRider is designed with the busy family in mind. With a one hand fold, you can easily and quickly fold it with one hand while the other one remain free for your baby.

It is lightweight but sturdy, the lockable front-swivel wheels and the durable built-in suspension means you can easily maneuver it wherever your walk take you.

It’s durable and accommodative. It is designed to hold a baby up to 40 pounds and up to the recommended weight of any fitting Greco classic connects infant car seat, so you’ll have years of comfortable strolling.

It provides comfy while strolling, thanks to the multi-position reclining. The soft fabrics and the padded seat add to the comfort of this stroller. Its convertible 3-point or 5-oint harness provides security as your child grows.

It was designed with parent’s convenience in mind and features an extra-large drop-down storage basket that allows easy access to your stored items without disturbing your child. The removable child’s tray helps in getting the baby in and out of the stroller easily.

It’s time to say hello to lightness without compromise to functionality. It is the lightest reclining stroller in its class. Whether catching the sights during naptime, your child can still sleep comfortably in this one-handed reclining seat with adjustable footrest.

Its hand-level triggers make it easy to fold it with just your fingers; actually, no foot action is required.

More so, it stands on its own when folded, and this is great for storing out of the way. It’s ideal for quick trips, thanks to its convenient carry strap, which allows for easy transport.

It comes with an extendable SPF 50+ sunshade to shield your child from harmful UV rays. The canopy is easy to open, and thus your child can enjoy the sunniest of days together. The fabrics and seat pads are removable and machine washable. So you can still you can use the stroller while the seat pads are in the wash.

It comes with ergonomic handles for easy pushing by parents of all heights. With high performance and durable wheels, you can easily maneuver off curbs. In addition, the one-step brake will bring your stroller to a stop with one simple click.

This groove provides a deep seat recline; near to flat feel as it adjusts to infinite positions for your child’s comfort while strolling.

It also has an adjustable footrest with two positions for maximum comfort when in the up position.

Storage space is abundant in this stroller as it comes with zippered pockets for keys, phone and other valuables included with mesh beverage holder. So you can carry sippy cups, snacks, and toys for your lovely kid.

Safety is highly prioritized as the groove boasts an excellent reflective safety package that illuminates on all the four sides when you go for a night stroll.

It is lightweight with an easy traditional and compact umbrella fold. The auto fold lock and side-mounted carry strap make carrying it easier and ergonomic. The handles are comfortable and well positioned.

The canopy in this stroller is best in class. The canopy provides more protection than many other canopies, and it includes an extendable sun visor, covering the entire seating area. Besides, it includes a peekaboo window to keep an eye on your little one while strolling.


After reviewing the ten baby strollers above, we now believe you can make an informed decision on the best stroller for you and your baby. We will be biased if we suggest the best stroller for you.

And because we’ve different needs and preferences, we leave it to you to make your choice based on your needs. So compare them side by side to find the one that best meet your requirements.

We hope that you will choose a baby stroller that you’ll never regret. Please share with us which best umbrella stroller you finally settled for.

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