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Best Double Jogging Stroller Review For Toddler&Infant 2016

Are you a parent of two little angels? Right, if yes I know you’re looking for the best double jogging stroller for them. But what’s the best double jogging stroller for your little ones? This is really a tough question but with lots of answers in hand.

What amazes me is that even the most experienced expert cannot tell you the exact answer to this big question. Simple reason! Myriad options available in the market today appears and performs differently to different users.

At the end of the day, you need to settle for a reliable, practical and comfortable double jogging stroller that will fit into the lifestyle of a mother of two like you by meeting your requirements.

And because choosing the best double jogging stroller unit can be pretty confusing both to experienced and clueless parents. It is, therefore, essential to go for that stroller that will serve you better, ensure a smooth ride for the weight of your children and still meets the demands of balancing the two.

Today I’ll take you through a comprehensive comparison of our top three picks. But keep in mind that we all have different preferences and tastes and whatever work well for us may not necessarily work out for you.

Lucky you, if you’re among the clueless parents. This post will serve as good reference point. You will learn about out top pick and the feature that makes them our best. So by the time, you will finish reading this comparative reviews you can go for the best double jogging stroller for your twins.

Top 3 Out Picks For Best Double Jogging Stroller in 2016

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double
JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller
Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller




Storage Compartments

- Price


Weight Limit






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Things to consider when buying Double Jogging Stroller for toddlers

  • Design
  • Canopy
  • Storage Compartments
  • Affordability
  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Weight Limit
  • Foldability
  • Seat
  • Frame
  • Color
  • Handles


It is important to consider the design of the stroller you’re about to buy. Make sure that it can go through most doorways that you’re likely to use. On top of this, make sure the stroller is hassle free to steer and maneuver. Keep in mind that a fixed front wheel makes a toddler jogging stroller somewhat difficult to turn while bigger designs make it tough to navigate through crowds on busy streets. 

  • JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black: it is 30” wide, hence can fit through standard doors without the need to fold the unit. Come with large wheels with sealed bearings for easy maneuvering.
  • ​Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon: it is 21.5” wide hence can fit in any standard door without folding
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray: It has Eva wheels with sealed ball bearings and dual swivel wheels for long distance strolling with front wheel suspension that soaks up shocks and road bumps. Its side by side design makes it ideal for all day excursion in the urban jungle.


Weather is unpredictable, and you can expect anything to come your way while riding with your little ones right from scorching sun or heavy rain. A stroller that comes with a canopy and preferably a detachable one is much better. A peek-a-boo window will make it even better as you can keep an eye on your baby even from your standing position.

  • Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon: comes with two folding shade canopies
  • JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black: features an oversized canopy for full protection.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray: features an adjustable sun canopy with peek-a-boo windows.


Safety of your toddlers cannot be overlooked. And due to the unpredictable nature of terrains, best jogging strollers should come with good suspension, shock absorbers, wrist wrap among many others to ensure a smooth and safe ride for your toddler.

  • Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon: features a 5 point child restraint harness and a foot activated rear brake.
  • JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black: comes with adjustable 5-point harness and Linked rear parking brakes for secure stoops.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray: has an adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover. Also, have rear parking brake.

Storage Compartments

Where you go with your little ones, you will have to carry some toddler essentials like diapers, toys, snacks and drinks. For this reason, going for that stroller with many and large pockets is a good idea. 

  • Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon: comes with very large basket, parent and child tray with cup holders.
  • JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black: has a humongous storage basket which is the largest in the market. Also have zippered pockets and 2 beverage holders.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray: comes with a large under seat storage basket and seat back storage compartments.

Affordability - Price

In many cases, you get what you pay for, and high quality goes hand in hand with high price. Consider your budget and go for that stroller within the budget constraint and still offering above average performance. Therefore don’t make all choices on the basis of which is the cheapest.


At this point consider the weight of the stroller. If are the type that travels a lot and need to travel faster, then a lightweight stroller will make everything a little bit smooth.

  •  Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon: not lightweight and weigh about 39 pounds.
  • JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black: lightweight about 32 pounds.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray: lightweight about 32.6 pounds


This may seem more of personal preference, but that’s not the case. Light colors are poor absorbers as compared to darker colors. Depending on the climate of where you live, you don’t want a stroller that will make your baby too hot as this will cut your outing short. Think of visibility!! Lighter colors are easier to see at night but if you go jogging with a dark color stroller, then be sure to put a reflector tape on it when jogging.

Weight Limit

This includes anything that you’ll carry in the storage compartments. Any slight addition beyond the weight capacity may cause your stroller to tip over. So weight capacity is worthy of consideration. Besides, it will dictate how long you’ll be able to use the stroller, so if minimal the shorter the lifespan before the baby outgrows the weight capacity of the stroller.

  • Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon: Maximum weight 80 pounds.
  • JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black: maximum weight limit 90 pounds.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray: Maximum weight 100 pounds


For matters transport and storage a good stroller should fold to a fraction of its size.

  • Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon: convenient one hand fold system.
  • JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black: convenient one hand flat fold system.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray: patented Quick-Fold technology, thus folding the stroller takes seconds.

Weight Limit

It is important to evaluate how safe and comfy the seat of the stroller is. It should be well cushioned, roomy and gentle to the baby’s skin. Adjustability to multiple recline positions is yet another point of concern. A seat with a recline angle of at least 50 to 70% is ideal for taking a nap

  • Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon: seats recline to near flat position.
  • JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black: fully adjustable one hand recline mechanism that locks into multiple positions and nearly to flat napping position.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray: seats recline to near flat position


It should be lightweight, strong and durable for safety and longer life. A frame with welded joints is stronger than one with metal tubes plastic joints holding the frame together. Regarding the materials, aluminum is the best choice.


A stroller with adjustable handles is a great choice especially if you’re not the only one who’ll use it. Keep in mind that jogging with a stroller that doesn't match your height can cause severe back and shoulder pain.


To sum up, before you even walk out of your house to buy that double jogging stroller for your toddler, sit down and figure out what are your needs that you want the stroller to settle for you. By doing this, you end up buying the very best double jogging stroller for your toddler, and you'll never regret making this decision. Happy buying!

What Is A Double Jogging Stroller?

double jogging stroller

A double jogging stroller is a stroller, normally for infants and kids under 5 years old, which assist parents in carrying their children together with them in a long walk or journey. This product is particularly designed to bring your babies highest comfort like a real bed or sofa while they travel with you. Besides it also effectively helps parents: Instead of holding your kids along the way and get exhausted after a few minutes as well as get stuck in lots of belongings, you simply put them in the stroller with wheels, then slightly push or pull them and it’ll move on its own.

Your belongings, snacks, bottles of water… are also kept or hung on the stroller and your hands are totally free. For its superior usefulness, the jogging stroller is now very popular for families with kids. Among these stroller, a double jogging stroller is designed like two combined single strollers but smaller and more compact. So, after getting to know about it, do you–like many other parents-want to run to the supermarket right away and bring one home?

However, when you come to the supermarket, you immediately become dizzy among hundreds of brands and sizes and outlooks. After one or two hours checking, you definitely don’t know what to buy. Then the next chapter is a guide to help you get out of this trouble and select the proper product.

Types of Double Jogging Strollers

type of strollers
  • Twin / Side by Side Strollers: The twin side by side double wide stroller is the traditional style of the double stroller for twins with two seats facing the same direction. The stroller seats position both twins in an equal setting. The stroller is often a top choice as it is more compact and easier to store, but not always as easy to maneuver through narrow doorways and halls.
  • Tandem Double Baby Stroller: The Tandem Double Baby Stroller is an economic option for Moms, and designed with one seat in front of the other. The strollers have small to medium sized wheels and are designed for mainly smooth surfaces. Some of the strollers are designed so that one seat can be removed, as well as convert to a regular sit and stand stroller by removing the rear seat.
  • Stand On / Sit and Stand in Double Stroller: The twin Sit and Stand Strollers are lightweight strollers and have a regular seat in the front, and can take an infant car seat. In the back is a standing platform / small bench seat for an older child that wants to ride or stand along. This is the ideal double stroller for parents with children 3 to 5 years apart.
  • Umbrella Double Strollers: The Umbrella Double Stroller is one that is designed to be lightweight and folds easily. There are no bells and whistles of the full-size strollers like large canopies, storage baskets, etc. but they are a great choice in a stroller for both car and airplane travels. The stroller is one that is easy to control and affordable for parents on a budget.

In search of the best travel system strollers!

Strollers are becoming an important tool for the busy moms. Not only can the moms but only for anybody else who ought to travel with a small baby or a toddler, getting the best travel system strollers can be efficient. This is a way by how someone can release the pressure of taking the weight of the baby. Again a stroller can help a nanny to take carry a child safely while having numbers of important things in different adjacent trays. There was the time when people had handled and raised their children manually. But now they are doing with much comfort with the advancement of technology.

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