How to Get Baby to Sleep in Bassinet

Routine is important for babies; it’s how they learn to sleep, eat, and play. The structure of a method is an important role in providing a safe environment that your baby can depend on and know it won’t change.


When you place your child in the crib to sleep, that is telling them it is nap or bedtime. However, if they begin to cry, which some babies will, if you pick them up right away it will tell them otherwise and break the routine.

My mom does this to my baby all the time because she hates hearing them cry. It’s a frustrating process to establish a routine with the baby and then sticking to it, but that night that you get your baby to sleep in the best bassinet is an amazing accomplishment. This means that the baby has established the routine and feels safe in their bed.

"How long does this process take? Where do I even start?"

You are probably wondering this and maybe even suggesting I’m crazy, but it works! Let me show you just how to get baby to sleep in bassinet!

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep

This is the part where you establish the routine and help your baby know when it’s nap time when it’s bed time and the safe place to sleep. This method can take a few days, but the payoff is remarkable and well worth the effort!

+ Paper

The paper will be what you put your plans for a routine. You will need any paper, ruled, unruled, computer, time sheet. Anything that you can design a method on would be beneficial.

If you don’t want to use paper, you could also try a dry-erase board. These are advantageous to the environment, and you can hang it up and make sure to stay on track with your routine for the baby.


+ Pencil or Pen

The pencil or pen will be what you write with on the paper. Make sure it’s dark enough to read, doesn’t have ink that smears, and use any color(s) you want. This is your schedule, so make sure it looks how you want it to.

I always decorate mine.

Alternatively, if you are using the white board, make sure to use a dry-eras marker and the cleaning solution that goes with it. You don’t want to ruin your schedule board you even get to use it!


+ Bassinet - IMPORTANT

The best baby bassinet you choose is up to you. I prefer a sturdy one that doesn’t move. I want my baby to be still and not rely on rocking motions to sleep. The rocking motions will be a factor in how they get to sleep in the future.

Rocking motions as a baby have been linked to the adults who fall asleep in automobiles, trains, planes, and even some rides. The soothing motion makes them able to sleep anywhere as an adult.

Ultimately, if you are trying to get your baby to sleep in a crib, you of course can use your crib as well. Make sure that you still follow the steps to establish that the crib is part of the routine to follow for your baby.


+ A Comfy Blanket

A warm comfy blanket made for babies is always a nice treat for the baby to lay on or under. The blanket provides a warm element to let the baby know that the bassinet isn’t a cold place.

Babies don’t like being cold, and they will let you know it. If the blanket is not at least room temperature, try sitting on it for a bit, and then lay it in the bassinet with baby; the blanket will be warm for your baby now.

If you have a baby who prefers to be swaddled, then swaddle your baby before laying them in the bassinet. This helps some babies to feel secure and hugged. Swaddling has been known to give positive effects to babies physical and mental health.


+ A Soothing Toy

A soft toy that makes no sound would be ideal for the baby to have next to them. This provides them with a social outlet. While babies can’t distinctively tell an inanimate object, they will talk to it and hold on it.

This soft toy also makes them feel like they are not alone. Being alone scares babies and is one of the reasons they will cry when they go to sleep or wake up. A lot of babies will suffer from separation anxiety because they are with their moms and dads for so long.

Alternatively, soothing music has been linked to helping babies fall asleep and become used to hearing noise. This makes for an easier sleep and a baby that’s harder to wake from slight noises. Something to consider for this method is a mobile. Mobiles provide something to keep their attention while providing gentle, soothing music.


+ Awake Baby

The best baby to put in a bassinet is an awake baby. A sleeping baby can be disturbed by being put in a new location and may come to associate that location with the parent putting them down. This can cause a disruption and a dislike for the bassinet.

The awake baby can clearly see the parent and know that they are being put in a safe place while the parent is still in the room.

+ Time and Patience

This is the most important step. This won’t happen overnight. You will need time to make this process work for you and your baby. You need time and patience to get through helping your baby sleep in a bassinet.

For the first few times, you may have to sit in the room for up to 30 minutes. This has happened to me frequently. However, this passes and your baby will begin to sleep on their own in just a few days at most.

Helping Your Baby to Sleep

Here it is, the process that will help your baby to sleep in their bassinet! It’s a simple process, but can require a lot of time. There will be some minor bumps in the beginning as you get to know your babies’ schedule, but it’ll come together well in the end.

Step 1: Plan the Routine

Take your desired tools and let’s put them to use. Make out a routine you think will work for your baby. Remember to put in feeding times, changing times, bath times, and nap times.

Remember to add in appointments and plan accordingly to your schedule. You want to try to preserve the babies’ nap time and bed time as much as possible to establish the routine.

Step 2: Awake Baby Preparation

This is the time when you prepare the bassinet with a blanket or swaddle your baby, a toy or mobile, and take your time. May sure your baby has a fresh diaper.

Talk calmly and soothing to your baby through the whole process with each step you take. Gently place the baby in the bassinet and start the process.

First, stand by the bassinet, where the baby can see you, for about 1 minute. Next, take a few, quiet, steps away and stay there for 5 minutes. If the baby cries, wait to see is he stops, if he does not, return to the bassinet and soothe him with the toy or mobile. Do not pick him up. (Repeat process when he is soothed.)

If he does not cry, walk just to the doorway, then wait. If he begins to cry, wait before soothing him again. If he doesn’t cry, you may leave by this time.

Step 3: Returning to Baby

When your baby is about to wake up, return to the room and greet them happily. Don’t be too loud or excitable, this is just to reassure them that waking up is a happy experience.

Some babies don’t wake happily, this will reinforce their moods when they seem their parent picking them up and talking to them happily.

Sleep Baby

Remember that this process of trying to get your baby to sleep in a bassinet isn’t too hard to do, but does require dedication, attention to details, and knowledge about your babies’ schedule.

Your baby will be as comfortable as you are. Remember that your baby will react to how you feel about something. If you are uncomfortable, so are they.

Take this challenge head-on and be confident in your abilities as a parent. Your baby will be sleeping in a bassinet in no time!


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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