Get Great Workout With Your Stroller and Kids

With kids its always hard to find time to get some exercise in for yourself. A stroller is an excellent way to include your children in your workout, and the best part is the kids are strapped in nowhere to go! All kidding aside a stroller is a wonderful way to get a good workout in and still be parenting at the same time!


Why use a stroller when deciding how to get exercise in with the kids around?


Strollers are very versatile when it comes to workouts. They allow for you to keep your kids in one place and enjoy a ride while you get some good cardiovascular exercise. The stroller also works out arm muscles while you push the stroller as well making for a solid work out in its right.

Strollers are also unique in allowing for extra items to be brought along run or walk that otherwise would be cumbersome. Most strollers have storage underneath, come with cup holders, and phone/small compartment around your hands. The additional carrying room opens up a lot more possibilities than just a regular jog with your kids.

It is important especially if you are jogging to have the right type of stroller. Every parent's needs are different so finding the best jogging stroller is essential. When you have the right stroller for you needs everything becomes a lot easier.

Is Jogging A Good Exercise?

A lot of people feel you need to go to the gym and lift weights for a good exercise. The fact is that jogging and cardiovascular exercise, in general, has tons of health benefits. According to studies, jogging has been linked to preventing cancer.

Other significant health benefits include improving the lungs, multiple benefits to the heart, great for weight loss, and works as an anti-ager. A full list of health benefits can be found here

It is important to remember that jogging even walking should be done at your pace. Start with smaller distances and work your way up. If you need breaks (we will get into this more) take them.

Recently in jogging Journal, a study was posted on why most people don't run or have quit after a short time. A majority of the responses back was feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed by results. So please remember even if it is only a quarter of a mile not be ashamed and keep at it soon you will be proud of how far you are running.


Tips for a Great Experience

So you have the best stroller for you, kids ready and excited for a stroller ride, and you're ready so how can you make the experience the best for all? We give you tips below to make sure your work is excellent for you and the kids.

For You

1. Dress Appropriately

Have a nice pair of athletic shoes that feels comfortable to you. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in this is not a night out this is a workout don't dress to impress.

2. Pick An Appropriate Route Before You Go

Know your limits and set a reasonable goal. Choose a distance that you will run that you are comfortable with and then map it out in your car before jogging or walking it. Nothing is worse than hitting a wall because you have run as far as you should realize you are far away from your home and still need to get back!

3. Set Goals to Keep You Motivated

Setting goals ties back into everything we have talked about prior. Don't be ashamed if you only jog for 30 seconds and walk the rest of the way. To stay motived set daily, weekly, and monthly goals that you can achieve. Only focus on those goals and nothing else. Once you hit the goals set new ones to keep pushing you. Motivation is the hardest part of working out and exercising, and goals help provide motivation.

For the Kids

1. Bring Your Diaper Bag

Nothing is worse than being in the middle of your work out and realizing your child has filled up thier pants if you know what I mean and you don't have a diaper. Bringing your diaper bag gives you a security against almost anything you will run into on the run/walk because we know super parents have everything in a diaper bag.

2. Bring Snacks and Drinks

Remember that storage underneath the stroller? Use it and make sure you have plenty of stuff for the kids in it. Running and walking regularly will result in taking longer walks. Your children will more than likely get fidgety during that time and want to move around or have entertainment. I mean when is the last time they stayed in a seat for half an hour. Snacks and drinks can keep them focused and buy you more time walking and running.

For Both

Planning a stop is my favorite tip for working out with a stroller. Pick a place to have a picnic, go to play area in a park, or something cool out in nature on a nature trail. Breaking up the working into two helps the kids attention span but also helps you take a break and rest up.

If there is nothing around your house that is the right distance for how far you are running pack everything up into the car (these travel systems will help) and go to where you plan.

Letting the kids get out of the stroller and burn some energy will not only help while you are exercising but also back home. You will have just got done running, and all you will want to do is relax. Allowing the kids to burn some of their energy will hopefully put them in the same state of mind as you when you reach home.

Walking and running is a great form of exercise and with a stroller, you can take your kids along. With the proper planning and mind frame, your workout will go off without a hitch. Remember to set goals and keep the kids in mind, and you will be triumphal with the results in no time.


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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