How Long Do Babies Use Swings?

Babies use swings any time of the day. I know my baby loved being in a swing any time she could; she would want to be in the swing before dinner, after dinner, before bed, when she woke up, before and after breakfast… you get my point. It was sometimes such a fight with her that she would get her way.

Babies use swings. It is just a well-known fact for any mom, sister, grandparent, anyone. Babies love swings.


How long should you leave your baby in the swing? Is an hour enough time? Is it too much time? How do I know when my baby is done swinging? How long do babies use swings? When is enough time and when is too much time? Should I use a swing for naps or at daycares?

These are excellent questions that I will help you find answers to them. Remember, each baby is different, and their reactions will be different. You must keep calm, and your child will adjust to your feelings and body language.

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When is Enough Swinging and When is Too Much?

There comes a time when babies use swings too much. Maybe they like the motion, or the parents feel that have some free time, but when putting your baby in the swing, it should only come to an hour or less each day.

The swing should not take up the time required to nurture and hold your baby, as well as form a bonding experience with them. Have your child with you around the house wherever you can, but maybe put them in the swing if you need to cook dinner.

How Much Time in a Swing?

Limiting your babies swing usage to an hour a day will benefit you and them. You both will gain bonding experience by interacting together, and you will fit more confident by watching your child grow and learn. Use the swing in 10 minutes, 15 minute or 30-minute intervals throughout the day if you need to.

Utilize the usage of a swing. If your baby is fussy, set them in the swing for about 15 minutes, then bring them out to play or eat. Before bedtime, swing them a little to drift them off, then place them in their bassinet or crib.

Once your baby begins to move around more and sit up, usually the swing becomes outdated and dangerous. It is best to stop using them now.


Effects of Swings

If you leave your baby in the swing for too long, some dangers can happen. Your baby can develop a flat head when left in swings for too long or for prolonged use.

Not just that, while it is a rare occurrence, but your baby can also be behind developmentally. Their motor skills and walking schedule could be thrown off. In a swing your child does not get the push and pull movements, they would be on the ground, so they could learn to walk later than other children, and may develop their motor skills later, as well.

Sleeping babies under four months of age tend to slump and block their airways. Blocking of the airways can cause the baby to suffocate and is one of the reasons you should lay a baby flat when they sleep. Tipping of the swing and falling are also known to happen. The swing may swing too fast or hard and cause the machine to tip and your baby to fall.


Naptime, Bedtime, and Feeding Time

Naptime is a magnificent time to get yourself a nap as well. Seriously, take a nap too! It is fine if you are watching your baby while they nap in the swing, but since they sleep lightly, it is best to turn off the swing once they start sleeping.

Bedtime should not occur with a swing. You can allow your baby to drift off in the swing but then lay them down in a bassinet or crib once they start sleeping. At night, since you sleep as well, there is a chance of danger with a swing. Tipping, falling, suffocation, and choking on their drool are all possible if the baby is left in a swing unattended.

Feeding time can be messy, crazy, and funny so you should always have a tarp handy. I am kidding. Maybe. Feeding time is a crazy time in your baby’s life and yours. I know I panicked every time she coughed a tiny bit. I just knew she was choking.

Feeding a baby in a swing is not recommended, however, if you do feed your baby in a swing you need to watch them carefully, turn the swing off, and make sure they are in the highest upright position the swing will go.

Daycare and Babysitters

I do not like daycares much; my kids always come home dirty and with runny noses. I just don’t like it. I would not want my daycare center to have swings because I think they would leave them in there the entire time. I also fear that they would not watch them and something would happen to them.


Apparently, most states will not allow daycares to use swings, bouncy chairs, or holding multiple children at a time. There are sanctions put in place to protect your child and the caregivers. Babies cannot sleep anywhere except for in their bassinets at a daycare center. Those are now the rules for most states, and I feel a little better, but still concerned about if my child has enough attention.

Babysitters are perfect for when you want that date night or girl’s night out. I was a babysitter, a good one, I played with the kids, and we watched TV and baked cookies, and they did my hair; I even taught them to swim. Some babysitters do not want to interact with the kids anymore, and they would love to put them in swings and go on about their business. I say some because most are great babysitters!

I want my babysitters to interact with my child to build social skills. I want them to engage them to use their brains to think. I need my babysitter to watch my kids and keep them safe.

Final Thoughts

My thoughts on swings are that: Babies use swings. They always will unless a parent does not want to use them or they cannot use them. Babies will almost always use swings, but it is how their used and how attentive the childcare is to your child in the process of swinging that is most important.

How long did your baby stay in a swing for when they used one? Did you ever feed your baby in a swing? Would you want your daycare center or babysitter to use a swing?

I am interested in what you want to say and how you feel about baby swings in general. Tell me what you prefer to use and do for a fussy baby or for soothing a baby.


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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