How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need

Babies love to sleep. Sleeping and eating are their favorite activities. It makes life relatively simple, for them. However, you have tons of laundry, sheets to change, blankets to wash, and baths to give. Your day is fuller than ever now!

Maybe your baby only sleeps in the crib, or perhaps you prefer if your child were to sleep in bassinet. Either way, you choose, you must change the sheets to provided your baby with a clean and sanitary environment.


Let’s go ahead and get down to the real point here and discuss just how many crib sheets you need to have!

Baby in the crib

The Crib Setup

Perhaps you have the crib (or bassinet) in the packaging or built already, but safety is paramount, and you should always check how much weight can a crib hold, specifically yours.

Once everything is together, you will need a sheet to cover the mattress pad. It is important not to add in any mattress toppers, foam, or anything that could block the airways for your baby if they roll. It could compromise the safety of the crib.

Changing the Sheets

Changing the sheets on your baby’s mattress might seem like changing your bed sheets. However, these crib sheets need to be changed more often than once every one to two weeks. Baby’s sweat, drool, throw up, and use the bathroom while they are in the crib.

If your baby does not move around, then they are laying there, with their backside against the crib sheet, either wet or not, the sheet is not clean anymore.

Changing a crib sheet should occur every other day. Remember, babies cannot control their bowels or their saliva glands, so everything is running onto those sheets.

If Your Baby or a Family Member is Sick

Everyone gets sick; it is a natural event that will happen. From simple earaches to upset tummies, your baby will experience these things that they may get from a virus in the air or from a family member who is sick.

Sickness can infect everything and can settle into fabrics, clothing, toys, and carpets. When someone in your household is sick and encounters your baby, it is best to change their crib sheets every day.

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Changing their sheets every day will ensure a clean bed. It is probably best to spray the room with a disinfectant, just as an added precaution.

Outside vs Inside

Being outside is an enjoyable experience for your baby. They can feel the sunshine and smell the fresh grass; it is also a great boost for their immune system.

The outside air is safe for babies to breath and helps your baby build up their immune system to pathogens and allergens. This is a healthy boost to their bodies. This is also good for you as well. The sunshine increases the release of Vitamin D, which most women lack.

However, while being outside is fun and adventurous, it can also transfer everything your baby has met with to their crib if you do not bathe them before. If you bathe your baby before setting them in their crib or bassinet, then there is no worry.

If you place your baby in their bed with no bath, the pathogens and allergens can then contaminate the fabrics and continue to get into your baby’s body.

After going outside, it is best to bathe your baby before setting them down on any fabric surfaces to prevent contamination or spreading of any viruses or bacteria. Remember, your child is not the only one at risk, so are you and the rest of your family members.

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Swaddling or Uncovered

If you swaddle your baby, then the crib sheets tend to stay cleaner longer, and can be changed every three to four days; some parents even do once a week. Because your child is swaddled and stays in one position, the drool and the wetness from the diaper have a blanket covering them to protect the sheet.

If your baby is not swaddled or sleeps in a diaper, you will need to change the sheets more frequently. Health standards are more cautious of babies and their inability to remove themselves from certain situations, such as dirty diapers, dirty sheets, and messes.

Figuring Out the Sheet Count

If you change your child’s sheets every other day, then around four crib sheets would be enough. If you change them every week, then two are sufficient.

We must account for sickness and messes that will happen, so if you end up changing your child’s sheets every day and have one in the wash and one in use, it is practical to say that a week supply of sheets is more than enough.

Seven crib sheets are more than enough sheets, and I would even say that five would be an adequate number of crib sheets to have as well. As long as they get washed and cleaned, they are ready to go!

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When You Have Enough Sheets

While I suggest having five to seven crib sheets, people have no problem with less. It comes down to what works best for you, your family, and your baby. If you have no problem with doing laundry every day, then two sheets could be perfect for you.

For me, I like to have five. I find that five allows me to change the sheet every other day without a hitch. This also gives me extras in case my baby has their diaper removed, or if someone in the house is sick!

Having enough sheets is not an answer people can give you easily because everyone is different with how a parent handles his or her child. Try out new ways of changing your crib sheets and doing laundry until you find something that works for you. That is how many crib sheets you need.


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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