How Many Swaddling Blankets Do I Need

Swaddling is a great way to show your baby that they are safe and secure. The warmth and tightness feel like a hug, which will boost their immunity, their happiness receptors, and over time it will increase their moods.

Your baby is safer if you swaddle them before they sleep because it is harder for them to move around. Wrapping your baby will often tell their brains that it is either a relaxing time or time for sleep, so this mainly calms the baby down.


New-born baby sleeping on a bed wearing a blue hat

I hope my guide will help you determine just how many baby blankets you need to swaddle your baby up into comfort and security.

How to Swaddle

Swaddling a baby is not a difficult task, and you can learn it very easily! First turn your baby blanket to make a diamond and fold the top corner down to the middle. Pull the right side in and tuck it underneath your baby, tightly but make sure it is not too tight.

Next, pull the bottom corner and tuck it behind their shoulder and place the excess material behind their arm. Lastly, pull the left corner all the way behind your baby and wrap it around them, so it is out of the way.

How to swaddle your baby infographic

Scents and Familiarity

When your baby sleeps in their bassinet or crib, and they have nothing in the bed with them, they will feel uneasy or distressed. They will feel alone because they cannot touch or smell anything familiar. It is nice to add in a soft toy that is scented with lavender to help the baby calm and relax.

One of the best things you can do for your child is to sleep or snuggle with their baby blankets so that they will smell like you. The parents should do this together and alter between the blankets used. This way, instead of a clean, fresh laundry smell, the baby will be able to smell their parents and feel secure.

Mother and Newborn Sleeping Peacefully on Bed Together

Babies cannot see very well in their first few months of life, so they rely on sound and smell. After about three to four months, babies begin seeing better and visualizing more. The smells that they are familiar with will help them as their eyesight increases.

Washing and Cleaning

Always wash a baby blanket before using it. If you bought it at a store or were gifted it, you never know where it has been, who has touched it, sneezed on it, or anything like that. It is safe to wash the blanket to prevent any sickness.

Baby blankets might not seem like they get filthy, but remember that your baby is swaddled up tightly in them, sweating, using the bathroom in their diapers, crying, and feeding. These blankets are being exposed to the pathogens around the house, something your spouse may bring home or older children bring from school.

It is best to wash blankets daily to keep them fresh and clean for your child. If you are scenting your child’s blanket, try to use it right after to avoid any long-term debris or pathogens on your baby’s blankets.

Newborn Baby Sleeping Peacefully Wrapped in Blanket

Make sure to wash the blankets with gentle cleansers. Harsh chemicals can stay in the fabric and cause irritation and rashes on your baby. It is best to use baby products or products geared towards sensitive skin.

Traveling or Visiting

Going to another state or country might leave you with a different routine in the laundry, your daily routine with your baby, and your life that’s being uprooted for a set amount of days or weeks. You may have brought blankets, but you might have to do laundry only one time or twice while you are traveling and there may not be enough blankets.

Visiting families exposes your baby’s blankets to the outside, children, other people, family members, strangers, and friends. This might make you uncomfortable and change your blankets more often. Maybe designate blankets for certain tasks.

Safe Number to Have

Baby boy shoes on blankets

If you do your laundry every day and always happy to keep up with that, two or three are efficient to have. However, if you like to do laundry once a week, then you should invest in at least seven to eight blankets.

You might also invest in three to five backups in case your baby is sick, leaving the house, or you have another person sick at your house. It is best to have more than the minimum in case of unforeseen events.

Keeping Your Baby Happy

You want your baby to be happy, secured, and feel safe; swaddling is the best way to make your baby feel their best. With everything you have to do during the day to care for your family and pay close attention to your baby; you should not have to worry about how many blankets you need.

The safest bet is seven to eight blankets. I chose to say this because that will give you at least one for every day. If you child is sick or something turns up, you can always do the laundry or buy extra down the road, but a safe number to start with is seven swaddling blankets.


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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