How Much Chamomile Tea For Babies

Tea parties are almost always in session when you have a little one at home who loves to pretend. Tea parties usually consist of drinking out of empty cups and eating fake cake, which is all fun for the imagination.

What if you’re hungry and thirsty and you want to give your little one a real tea party? What if you just wanted to enjoy tea with your child period?


Maybe you’re unsure of what tea to give to your child, but have no fear! I’m here to tell you the safe amount of chamomile tea to brew for your tea party hostess.

Chamomile Tea for Tots

If you are a mom of multiple children (such as myself), then you might have to bring the little one along with you for your tea party.

Cup Of Herbal Chamomile Tea.

However, if your baby has just been introduced to baby food, or is still breastfeeding, it’s probably best to keep the chamomile tea away from them and stick with just the toddler.

Children Drinking Tea

Chamomile tea is encouraged by pediatricians, if there are no allergies to ragweed, to help children calm down and sleep better. Chamomile is a natural mild sedative that is safe for children of all ages.

They don’t recommend giving it to babies or infants, but for toddlers who might have a sleeping problem or are just very active during the day, this may be the perfect dose of calmness you need.

Serving Size of Chamomile Tea

We always hear about serving sizes, especially with our younger children. This is due to the desire to teach our children healthy eating habits and nutritional balance.

We know that serving sizes are important in what we eat, but did you know they are important in what we drink? This is usually to keep sugars, fats, and calories from taking over our diets in the form of soda, juice, and other sugary drinks.

However, for beverages such as chamomile tea that contain tannin, it’s best to keep the intake to two or three cups for adults. This is due to the tannin inhibiting the body’s ability to absorb iron.

For children, the serving size is recommended at ½ to one cup a day. This is because it has on a child followed by side effects that could occur. This should not be used daily to encourage sleep or calmness in your child.

Chamomile Tea Benefits

Chamomile has some excellent effects on the body. It helps with skin problems, it aids in digestion, helps with menstrual cramping, and can relieve tension headaches.

Chamomile tea on wooden background

Chamomile is used in skin care products to help alleviate dry skin, rashes, eczema, and is now available in psoriasis creams.

You can even use chamomile as a mouthwash that contributes to preventing mouth sores from forming with certain treatments you might be receiving.

Chamomile Tea Disadvantages

As with all good things with great benefits, there are a few side effects that can occur from the intake of too much chamomile.

If you are allergic to ragweed, then you should not ingest or use chamomile tea or products. If you drink too much tea, you could become nauseous, and vomiting can occur.

Chamomile is also a blood thinner, therefore if you are taking certain medications or have certain conditions, you should avoid this tea.

Making Pretend Play a Reality

Chamomile Tea For Babies

While your child enjoys tea parties with you, it’s great to encourage reality of those dreams occasionally. You don’t want to bring the tea and cake out to every party, but make sure every once and a while you make it special for them.

Chamomile tea is perfect for toddlers to drink in moderation and with the great benefits it has, there isn’t a huge disadvantage to trying it. Be careful of the allergens, don’t brew the tea to strongly, and keep track of the serving size ingested.

What types of tea does your child enjoy? Do you try to make tea party a reality, or does your child prefer to sit at the table and chat with you? What are some ways you get your child to try new teas?


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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