5 Steps to Clean Your Stroller?

A stroller is an item of daily usage with kids and toddlers at home and like all other items it requires regular cleaning and maintenance routines. A stained fabric, sticky frame and crumbs stuck in all the narrow spaces of the seat indicate a grimy stroller that needs proper cleaning.


It might all seem overwhelming to spot clean all the parts and frames of the stroller and taking off the seat might seem another daunting task. However, once you start the process and follow a step by step routine, you will be done more rapidly than you planned and enjoy the sparkling look of your stroller even more.


In order to start the cleaning process of your stroller, choose a bright sunny day and start earlier so that you can put it under the sun to get dried. Modern strollers come with a bit complex structure and carry several different detachable parts that require proper care while cleaning.

Read the user’s manual for your stroller and thoroughly read the process of removing the seat, canopy, and tray and back pockets of your best double jogging stroller. As part of a general cleaning guide you can follow the following instructions:

Step 1: Clean the basket and pockets of the stroller and remove any toys or other accessories present in there. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the crevices and corners of the seat and pockets to get rid of any kinds of crumbled food residues and dirt.

Step 2: If you are not washing the stroller completely, you can choose to spot clean the seat cover and frame of the stroller. Use a mild detergent for seat so that you may not harm the delicate material. Use a light scrubber to rub the spots on seats, pockets or canopy of the stroller and then use an absorbing wet cloth to remove the soap from the cleaned spots.

Step 3: The frame of the stroller might require some tough cleaning. You can use a spray cleaner or detergent to spot clean the gluey stains. WD-40 can also be used for tough, old stains. In the end, wipe with a clean wet cloth to remove the detergent and get rid of any strong chemical as well.

Step 4: Clean the wheels and rims of the stroller thoroughly. You can wash them with soap and running water and rub against the tough mud fragments trapped between the wheel contours.

Step 5: Let the stroller dry in sun for a day so that no dampness remains in the foam and fabric of the stroller. Move it sideways and upside down to remove any water trapped inside the frame.

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Now that the stroller frame is free from all kinds of covers and fabric material, you can wash the frame and covers separately. Use a mild, fragrance free detergent to wash both the items and let them dry under the sun before attaching back all the pieces. Thorough cleaning of the stroller can be done once in a year, but always try to maintain a regular vacuum and wipe cleaning routine to prevent the accumulation of tough stains and dust particles for a long time.


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Ebony Harrison - January 22, 2016

Great cleaning instructions! Getting the stroller clean is very important for the little baby. It’s important also the good maintaining and keeping the pusher clean.


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