The Best Way to Make Your Baby Sneeze

I love when my baby is happy and energetic, but the one thing I cannot stand is to see my child congested and sick. I don’t like hearing that stuffy nose they can’t breathe out of and them being cranky because they can’t express it any other way.

Having a congested baby means taking their temperature to make sure they aren’t running a fever, which I use a forehead thermometer, so I don’t disturb them while they are sleeping. It also means washing sheets and fabrics around the house to get rid of the germs, and cleaning their stroller and car seat.


What I like to do during the time that their nose is all stopped up is to make my baby sneeze. I think sneezing is adorable to watch and it’s also a good way to clear those nasal passages to help your baby breathe better!

how to make a baby sneeze

Before the Sneezing Occurs

Before we get to how to make your baby sneeze, there are some items to get together and some techniques to learn beforehand. I have five unique things to get your baby to sneeze!


Tickling is a light sensation that some people have no reaction to. However, if your child is ticklish or sensitive, this technique might work for you!

For this technique, you can use a feather, a napkin, your finger, or even a string. You just need an object that you can hold and lightly use.

Blowing Air

Blowing air up your baby’s nose has been known to work occasionally. This technique requires a small amount of air from your mouth to your baby’s nose.

This method will, of course, vary depending on how clogged your baby’s nose is and how sensitive their nostril is to air.


While not a unique way to getting someone to sneeze, you only need a small amount of this spice. Pepper contains an alkaloid that stimulates the mucous membrane of the nose and makes you sneeze.

This is a straightforward and efficient way to make someone sneeze, no matter how stopped up their nose is or how congested they are.

Bright Light/Sunlight

This doesn’t need to be for very long, and this technique even works on me. Like clockwork, as soon as I step outside into the sunshine I sneeze twice.

Sneezing newborn one week old baby

Bright light stimulates your eyes which irritate your nerve endings and causes a sneeze to erupt from your body. This process is usually quick and straightforward to perform.

Animal Fur

Fur is an irritant when it’s on the face. Fur causes the nerve endings in your face and nose to become irritated, which stimulates your body to sneeze.

This technique works best if the fur is over the entire face, especially the nose area.

Making Sneezes Happen

Some of these techniques make me laugh as I think about all the ways other parents and I have tried to get their babies to sneeze. There are so many options for you to get your baby to sneeze and so many things parents have tried over and over that it’s quite funny!

1. Tickling Your Baby’s Nose

Take the item you are going to use for tickling and gently caress the end of your baby’s nose with it. You want to stimulate the nerve endings in the nose that will activate the mucous membrane and will cause your baby to sneeze.

Try stimulating for a couple of seconds at a time, then allow the nose to be left alone in between tries. This will give a greater stimulus when you return to tickling each time, increasing the chance of sneezing.

2. Blowing Air at Your Baby

Blowing air into your baby’s face is fun. They enjoy it and laugh which will make you happy. It’s a win-win situation. However, with this technique, create a gentle flow of air from your mouth and aim it towards your baby’s nostrils.

Allergy. Mother And Baby Blowing Nose Outdoors

The cool air will affect the little hairs inside your baby’s nose and cause them to sneeze. They will also get a huge amount of enjoyment from this!

3. Sprinkle Pepper

Pepper is the tried and true method to get anyone to sneeze, even babies. Sprinkle a tiny bit of pepper over your baby’s nose, and they will sneeze. If not, try a little more each time until they sneeze. In pepper there is an alkaloid that reacts with your mucous membrane, so with pepper, your baby is sure to sneeze!

4. Take Your Baby Outside

There are two ways to get your baby to sneeze with bright light. First, you can take your baby outside and just face them towards the sun for a little bit. The bright sunlight usually makes people sneeze as a phobic response.

Secondly, you could open a window and let your baby look out of it, the light will still hit the baby and have the same effect, but you don’t have to go outside if it’s not a particularly good day.

5. Pet Your Dog and Fur Your Baby

Allergies are always a way to get someone to sneeze. Allergies that are mild with animal fur are usual, however, if there is a severe reaction, you need to see a doctor or pediatrician right away.

Just pet your dog, or cat, and then drop the fur right on your baby’s face. Sure, it’s a bit rude, but it will get your baby to sneeze. I’m not allergic to animal fur, but when it encounters my face, you bet I’m sneezing like crazy!

Let The Sneezing Ensue

Getting your baby to sneeze doesn’t have to be something to sweat over. There are lots of ways to make your baby sneeze, and most of them are very safe and effective ways.

What are some of the ways you make your baby sneeze? My child always laughs when I sneeze, do yours? What are some tips and tricks you’d like to share about a congested child?


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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