How to Open a Graco Stroller

Graco strollers are a high recommendation in the parenting community. These strollers are made to be durable and safe for your children. Whether you invest in a sit and stand stroller or a double umbrella stroller, you can expect it to be comfortable for your child and ease your mind.

The problem I have, that many parents come across, is opening the box and figuring out how I was going to assemble this stroller. I’ve got you covered because this guide is going to help you from opening the box to putting it together!


What to Expect

Graco strollers come folded over in a large box. Graco has a lot of different strollers, but they are all packaged the same way, and there are slight differences, but overall, they unpackage the same way.


Depending on the size of your stroller, the first gaze you set on the folded stroller could be overwhelming. You do not have to worry about it; I am here to help you!

Open the Box

So, the box has arrived, and it is time to unpack your stroller! Place the box flat on the ground and grab a box cutter.

Position yourself to cut away from you and open the box. Slice carefully along the taped edges and open the box. You will see the stroller right in front of you.

Pull the Stroller Out

Remove the stroller from the box and place it in front of you. The handlebars should be on the top part if it is not then you will need to flip the stroller over.

You should have the folded stroller and an instruction packet. Position the stroller, so the handlebars are directly in front of you, the wheels are on the bottom side, and the seat is facing away from you.

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Expanding the Stroller

When you are ready to expand the stroller, you will need to press on the lever on the sides and pull up on the handlebars. The stroller should snap into place after being fully extended.

If the stroller does not click into place, you may have to push up on the handlebars and down on the front of the seat. This is normal, sometimes the stroller gets stuck into the folded position and needs help unfolding.

Inspecting the Stroller

Inspecting the stroller is a crucial step to take. With the stroller put together properly, now you need to examine the parts and make sure everything is together correctly. Check for any breaks, rips or tears in the fabric, damages to the frame or wheels, and make sure the stroller moves without any problems.

Make sure to check the seats and the safety harnesses since this is where your children will be sitting. Check the trays, basket on the bottoms, and any standing area if you invested in a sit and stand stroller.

If you find any issues with your stroller, you need to contact customer support and get your issues squared away. If your stroller has no issues, then you are ready to put it to use!

Putting It to Use

Now that everything is properly taken care of, you now have unpacked your Graco stroller from the box and assembled it! You are now ready to take it and use it. You can take these on most any terrain to enjoy new locations to take your children to.

You can even exercise with your stroller! This makes it easier to exercise and get out of the house without leaving your kids with a babysitter or family member. You can take your kids with you on your excursions and adventures that will build bonding experiences with you and your children.

Remember always to check the tires and do a quick, detailed, inspection of your stroller after every use. It is important to make sure the stroller is still meeting the safety standards to provide a safe and secure stroller for your children.

Investing in Graco Strollers

Graco strollers are a great investment that is affordable for the durable and high-quality materials they invest in. They can get more expensive with the more features you want and the larger they come.

Young father putting baby stroller into the car trunk

These strollers are made to be compact for storage and travel and don’t take up too much room when you are using it around the neighborhood. For the use you will get out of your stroller, it is a sound investment.

The assembly is simple, the folding is easier to do, and the affordability makes this stroller brand a top pick. Now that I have shown you how to unpack and assemble a Graco stroller, what are some of the plans you have for yours?

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