How Many Diapers Does a Baby Use in a Month?

Having a baby is a magnificent time in your life. Whether it’s your first child or you’re adding to your family, diapers are always going to be used. The type of diaper you use is entirely up to you, but how many your baby will use, well that’s a whole different story!


I’ll not only tell you about how many diapers your child will go through until their potty trained, but I’ll also discuss your options of diapers to used, the best brands and how to save money, and when potty training should start and the signs around it.

Diaper Usage

Your baby will use diapers; there is nothing else to use for your baby right now. The type of diapers your baby use, well that’s your choice, but I’ll tell you about your options!

Cute baby in bedroom getting diaper changed.

Baby boy lying on the bed with hands in the mouth while getting his diaper changed.

How Many Diapers are Used?

It’s going to vary on how often you change your baby, how often you bathe your baby, and how often they go to the bathroom. My first child went every time her diaper came off, even if she just peed or pooped. It was a scary time in my life!

On average, you will change a baby’s diaper about ten times a day. If you multiply that by seven days in a week, you get 70 diapers a week. We’ll multiply that by four weeks in a month and come out with 280 diapers a month. You see where this is going right?

You totally do. That’s 3,360 diapers a year. That is so many diapers it’s ridiculous. It’s not so bad though, I feel for people who have twins…or triplets…oh jeez, what about the eight babies?! That’s a lot of diapers and a lot of changings!

Brands of Diapers and Savings

There are many various brands of diapers that you can find all over your city from Costco to Baby’s R Us, and so much more. I like being able to buy bulk, or even shop at local stores and use coupons, but then I found Amazon.

Baby in diapers crawling on bed while mother is helping

Adorable 9 months old baby in diapers crawling on bed while mother is helping him

The impressive things about ordering diapers on Amazon is that they not only allow you to save money on your diapers, but they can also come with free shipping, be on renewal for a particular time of the month, and you can read about different diapers in one spot. What’s not to love?

Different Diapers

There are regular diapers that you change and toss in the trash, and then there are cloth diapers that you clean out and then wash and reuse them. I tried cloth diapers, wanted to be eco-friendly with my kid, but in all honesty, I couldn’t stomach it. More power to those who can!

For cloth diapers, they are usually made from a reusable cotton material that is washed and dried for another use. With regular diapers, they are thrown out after each use. Both diapers have great designs, and for regular diapers, you can now buy diaper covers to make your diapers seem more fashionable!

Potty Training

Potty training a girl is different from potty training a boy. Girls tend to learn to potty train quicker than boys do, but once they pick it up, most boys will learn faster from watching a sibling or family member use the bathroom.

Young mother is changing diapers to her baby girl

Young mother is changing diapers to her baby girl

With a girl, the mother should take their daughter to the bathroom with them and sit them on their potty while you demonstrate on yours. This way she can connect how to use the potty like mommy, like an adult, like she should do to. She’ll pick it up in no time at all!

With a boy, well with my boy, my husband would take him to do the same thing, but when he needed help with aiming, we honestly used cheerios and had him ‘hit’ the targets. It was hysterical, but it was something he really enjoyed doing, and it worked!

Reality About Diapers

Diapers will be a staple in your house if they aren’t already, and you will buy them in bulk, whenever they’re on sale, and you’ll snatch them up when a friend offers them for free. I remember storing extra diapers along the bottom of my baby’s closet because I knew we were going to need some, so I stocked up.

What are some of the ways you save on diapers? Did your friends or people you worked with ever give you free diapers? What were the diapers you used for your baby?


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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