How To Potty Train A Girl

Potty training girls is a bit simpler than for potty training boys. Girls tend to show readiness signs three months earlier than boys, but this is not always the case. If she has older siblings she can even start potty training a bit earlier. Naturally toddlers learn by imitating their parents. Toilet training your daughter is no different from this. It is much easier to teach how to use the potty. Start by encouraging the copycat behavior. Want her to learn fast? Of course, you will answer yes.


Little baby and pink potty

Little baby and pink potty

Take your daughter with you in the bathroom when you’re using the toilet and have a potty in there ready for her. Show her exactly what you put in the toilet. At this point, tell her stories on how big girls like her pee and poo in the potty. This can really spark her interest in the potty. Also, you may have an open door bathroom policy at home, this will give your daughter plenty of opportunities to learn how to wee.

Because you want her to get used to the idea of using the potty. Let her know that the potty is her very own. Allow her to personalize the potty by writing her name on it. You can let her spend some time naked. Ensure the potty is in an accessible place while she plays, keep encouraging her to sit on it now and again.

When potty training your girl, it is very important that you teach her way to properly wipe herself. Keenly instruct her to wipe herself from front to back to avoid bringing germs from the rectum to the vagina. This may be too hard for her to grasp, so it’s upon you to teach her how to pat the place dry after she pees. Buy a toilet paper in her favorite color to get her motivated to wipe.

Precaution: Having a dad or brother demonstrating how to use the potty may end up being messy because the girl will attempt to stand and pee like a boy.

Very often, she will learn the way to use the potty for peeing but still want to poop in the diaper. Well, at this point don’t give in and switch back to diapers. Take some time and talk to her how big girls poop, tell her that he is now a big girl as well. This will encourage her to poop in the potty.

Incorporate some games in the training; girls like playing pretend games with their dolls, trying a “potty training pretend” can help her learn how to use the potty very fast.

Place her favorite doll or stuffed animal on a pretend potty next to her while she sits on her own potty. Alternatively, you can put some food colorings in the toilet and watch how she become amazed at how she changes the color of the water by peeing. This will encourage her to use the potty.

Baby On Pot

Baby girl sitting on pot isolated on white

Make sure you don’t start the training during a time of change such as a phase of “saying no to everything” because your daughter will feel too overwhelmed to handle the new challenge. Waiting is the best option as it ensures you get potty training off to the best start. Dress your daughter in loose-fitting clothes that she can easily take off.

Instead of asking her if she wants to use the potty just tell her to use it this will block the usual response of “No.” When directing her to use the potty, suggest that afterward you will do something nice to give her the incentive to use it. When she messes don’t make her feel bad about the mess, of course even older or experienced daughters make the mess once in a while.

Remember telling her off for messing might mean more months of nappies. Take her for shopping and buy her Big Girl underpants with her favorite cartoons on it. She will feel excited and old enough to use the potty and wear underwear like her big sister. Naturally girls have a stronger desire to stay clean and not too wet their underwear. She will tell you when she needs to pee or poo.

Make potty training fun for her. If she doesn’t find fun during training she may start to lose interest in the potty. So every time she goes on her potty or alert you that she needs to go, let her add a sticker to wall chart. As she watches the stickers accumulate, she will be encouraged to use the potty quite often. Reward her with a favorite-longed toy or stuffed animal when she stays dry for some days.


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