How to Set Up Graco Pack n Play?

I love bringing my children with me to the park and exercising with them, but when I have the ladies over for a girls night, I need my child in a secure spot where they can feel like they’re apart of the action, but they can’t put their hands on anyone!

When I take my children traveling, and we get to our new place, I need a spot for my kid to stay in while we unpack. I don’t want my child crawling up the stairs or into the bathroom!


I always seem to find myself asking just how to set up Graco Pack n Play? It’s difficult if you don’t do it often enough and it can be a pain to sort out. Let me save you some stress in that department and help you to set it up a lot faster!

Getting Ready

Before you can set up the play yard, there are a few things you’re going to need first! You’ll need the Pack N Play, a fitted sheet, and enough strength to get through the process!


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Graco Pack N Play

The Graco Pack N Play is necessary to put it together. The Pack N Play is a sturdy play yard that is portable. It’s designed for an easy build and fold up for travel and storage. It includes a removable bassinet for naps and as a changing station.

There is breathable mesh around the playpen and includes a mattress for the base of the play yard. With removable sheets and polyester coating, this makes for an easy to clean product.

Fitted Sheet for the Mattress

You will need a fitted sheet designed for the Graco Pack n Play mattress pad. The sheet should fit snuggly and not cause any bumps or dips in the mattress to form. The fitted sheet will cover the mattress and protect against spills, dirty feet, and any other messes.


You will need to pull together your power when putting this play yard together. Setting up this play yard will require you to push and pull on pieces, as well as hold items while doing other tasks.

Setting Up Your Pack N Play

Now that you have the articles and mindset you need, it’s time to set up the Graco Pack n Play! This play yard can be a little difficult to set up just by the included instructions, so allow me to help simplify them for you!

  • Step 1: Unboxing the Play Yard

Remove all the pieces and parts from the Graco Pack n Play box. There should be a folded play yard, a mattress, a fitted sheet may come with your play yard, a liner, and tubes for the bassinet or a flooring liner.

Unboxing the Play Yard

Lay everything out in front of you and check all the pieces and parts for any damages, dents, or breaks.

  • Step 2: Putting the Play Yard Together

Take the base of the play yard and stand it upright with the bottom facing the floor. Pull apart the legs to create a rectangle. Pull up the bottom and then take the two opposite short sides and pull outward.

Next, pull up on the two long sides and pop them into place. Push down on the center, where you will feel resistance as the play yard begins to stretch all the way out. It will click into place. Your base is now secure.

If your Pack n Play came with tubes: Place the liner hanging on all sides. Place the tubes along the base of the bassinet lining and secure them together. They should lock into place.

If your Pack n Play came with a floor liner: Place the floor liner spread out in the bottom of the play yard and press down to secure it. This is where you can place the fitted sheet over the mat.

Flip the Pack n Play over and velcro the pad to the outside of the play yard. Then use the snaps and snap all for corners into place. Your Pack n Play is now ready for your inspection!

  • Step 3: Safety and Security

Now is the time to check the built product for any defects or weight issues. Make sure the Pack n Play does not cave when a heavy object is placed in the play yard and check to see if it falls easily. You do not want your baby to tip over!

Lastly, make sure the bassinet is secured, you don’t want the lining to give or fall while your child is in it. Check for comfortability, security, and protection for your child.

Enjoying Your Play Yard

You now know how to set up Graco Pack n Play so your baby can be close to you and the action, without getting in the way or finding something they shouldn’t. Enjoy your ladies night out, your new place, or an afternoon nap in the living room with your child.

Where do you set up your play yards? Some friends of mine take theirs to the park for a nap if needed, or for their babies to be safe. What do you think of that idea?


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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