Tips For Running With A Double Jogging Stroller

Taking care of two kids with joy is not a simple task for any parent. After a lot of checking and selecting, finally you found the best double jogging stroller for your babies.

But your nerves don’t end here. They start here in fact. Many parents find it troublesome and tired to run the double stroller with their babies inside everyday. However, there are some tips for you to turn this routine task into happy memories everyday.


For a double jogging stroller with two babies inside, it is quite heavy and parents may find it exhausted to push the stroller on a long way. Also you must make sure your babies enjoy the walk, because above all, this activity is for your children’s sake.

*Check These Advices To Make Your Journey Everyday With Your Kids Become Full Of Joy*

1. Find a sturdy and reliable stroller

This seems to be needless to say. However it is a very important and primary factor any parent should remember to check carefully. When you get out of your house bringing just a few things, it would be troublesome if something unexpected happens on the way.

workout with jogging stroller

Your two kids are heavy and active, so to provide them a smooth, comfortable ride without any problem, make sure you purchased a reliable stroller which is sturdy, maneuverable, easy to push, yet it has a superior break system. Besides, its wheel should be strong and big enough for highest safety.

2. Check new road other than your daily route

Don’t forget to look for other new roads on the way. Experienced parents know that no matter how beautiful and eye-catching the road you take is, your children will soon become bored with it.

So the easiest way to prevent them and yourself from getting bored is to take another route different from your usual one. Walk this route for about one week and then take another. This amount of time is enough to keep your children pay attention and interest in the routes.

3. Running at a moderate speed

This advice is primarily for parents, you should take the walk with a moderate but stable speed in order for your body to endure in a long period of time. Don’t be too eager to jog fast at the beginning because you will soon become exhausted and cannot move any more in the half way.

Moreover, this advice is beneficial for your babies too. They may notice when the speed of the stroller has any change and may become nervous if the stroller gradually moves more slowly. So the best strategy for you is to keep running stably and slowly.

Happy mothers with children enjoying picnic in park

4. Keep it fun and interesting

Remember that the most crucial factor to make your babies happy all the way is that you must keep drawing their attention and interest. To do this you will have to refer to many sources on the Internet to find games that are suitable with a walk with a stroller in the park.

The most popular game for parents and kids are counting something that often appears on the way, like the number of birds, oak trees, waterfalls… Anything colorful and easy to be recognized is ideal for this counting game.

5. Allow your kids to run with you

If your babies have grown enough to walk or run by themselves, you can gradually improve their walking skill by allowing them to walk or run together with you on a short way, for example the last 100m before you reach the destination.

This activity not only lightens your pressure when you are most exhausted but also provides your babies great opportunities to check the outside environment themselves.


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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