Top 10 Portraits Of Babies On Travel

Hey, mom! Easter holidays are around and like any other person you’re are planning to travel with your family during the holidays. Are you?

Of course, when you think of traveling with your baby, safety and comfort of your baby is the first thing that comes into your mind. You can have happy journey if you equip yourself with the right travel gear for your baby.


A baby car seat is one of the items that will relieve you all the burden during the ride. However, though you will find myriad categories of infant car seats on the market, choosing the best seat for your child is important.

Ensure it will fit the baby well. Your child needs to remain safe and comfortable all through the ride. So anytime you want to travel always figure out the safety, comfort and joy of your child. Now let’s explore different experiences of babies on travel.

1. Baby Boy In A Car Seat

Baby Boy In Car Seat

baby boy in car seat stares at the toy

This baby boy is comfortably seated in an infant car seat, and he is having fun with his toy. The two shoulder straps securely hold the baby on the seat. The seat looks thickly padded to provide extra support for you, baby. You can also get your baby in a similar seat and ride safely knowing your child is comfortable safe from crash forces due to bumpy roads.

2. Baby Girl Sleeping On The Mother

Baby girl sleeping on mother's laps while traveling in airplane

Baby girl sleeping on mother's laps while traveling in airplane

When traveling with your baby, quite often he/she will take a nap during the ride. See how this baby girl is sleeping comfortably on the mother. When your baby shows signs of falling asleep, just snuggle her on your laps and recline her on your chest.

3. Baby Walks For Boarding To Flight

Baby Walks For Boarding To Flight In Airport Departure Gate

Little baby girl walks for boarding to flight in departure gate from airport transit hall and looking through window at airplanes. Active lifestyle travel by air with child on family summer vacation

You are used to seeing parents leading their babies to board a flight. This baby is now leading herself to board a flight. What a courageous baby? Can your baby girl lead herself to the boarding room? If not, show her this portrait, she will get the courage.

4. Family Of 5 Having Fun On The Shores Of The Lake

Family Of Five Having Fun On The Beach Going On Summer Vacation

Family of five having fun on the beach going on summer vacation. Car travel and summer vacation concept

It summer time and this family is having fun on the shores of the lake. Even the baby is also enjoying with the family members.

5. Happy Mother And Baby Girl Taking Selfies

Happy Mother And Baby Girl Making Selfie In Front Of Colosseum I

Happy mother and baby girl making selfie in front of colosseum in rome italy

While out with your baby enjoying yourselves, you can take selfies to remember those happy moments. Here is a portrait of a happy mom and her baby girl taking selfies in the city.

6. Kids Feeding Giraffes In A Zoo

Kids Feeding Giraffe In A Zoo

Happy family young mother with two children cute laughing toddler girl and a teen age boy feeding giraffe during a trip to a city zoo on a hot summer day

Perhaps your kids love wild animals, and you’re planning to visit the nearest zoo this weekend. Help them interact with animals as far as they can, this way they will enjoy to the fullest. See this how these kids are feeding the giraffes in a zoo. Next time you visit it again, help your baby feeds and touch them.

7. Little Child Swimming With Bod

Little Child Swimming With Bodyboard On The Sea Waves

Little baby girl - young surfer with bodyboard has a fun on small sea waves. Active family lifestyle people outdoor water sport lessons and swimming activity on surf camp summer vacation with child. ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Do you know that children can also swim? Yes, they can also swim. Here is a portrait of a little child swimming with a board. But ensure that your kid is securely fitted on the board. Also, make sure the water is not deep. Swimming is a great way to create memories of your child when you travel out.

8. Newborn Baby Boy Sleeping In A Car Seat

Newborn Baby Boy Sleeping In Car Seat

Newborn baby boy sleeping in modern car seat in a park. New born child traveling by car. Child safety on the road. Safe way to travel with young kids. Fastened seat belts. Trip with an infant.

A baby car seat has a stylish design. You can adjust the levers to recline the seat to your desired angle. You can convert it to a crib for your baby to sleep. It is well padded for comfort. Besides, the canopy shields your baby from harmful sun rays coming through the windscreen so that he/she can sleep comfortably.

9. A Happy Family Taking Selfies In Winter

Selfie In Winter. Happy Family Mother With Daughter And Photogr

selfe in winter. happy family mother with baby daughter and photographed self on a mobile phone

It is winter time as our portrait show. This happy family are taking selfies to remember these fun moments. You can also take selfies of your kids when you travel with them.

10. Small Boy Plays With A Toy

Small Boy Playing with Toy Airplane

Remember; babies value their toys very much. Anytime you travel with them and particularly little boys, never leave their toys back. This small boy is playing with his toy and is really excited. I hope you have been jazzed by these portraits of baby travel. Next time, you will want to take a selfie of your baby similar to one of these portraits. Happy and safe journey!


My name is Shirley. I’ve blogged about babies and parenting for a bit over two years, and with being a mother myself, I understand the needs and concerns you have for your children’s safety as well. It’s important. I hope you enjoy your stay with us

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