Types of Stroller? What Stroller Is Best For You?

A double stroller is a must to have thing if you have two toddlers and you are a single parent have to look after them while on the move. Even for the couples, it brings convenience and makes it easier for them to move as a family outside.

A lot of things need to be evaluated when considering buying any such things for the benefit of the babies and also for your own facilitation. There are a number of options available in the market, which poses different challenges for the buyers rather than just benefitting them with various options. You have to choose one according to your lifestyle, preference and its features.


Things To Be Careful About Stroller

When it comes to the specific features then you need to put in some time investment to find out the things about which you should be very careful about while purchasing such a thing. The following points will give you an idea about this:

  • All options don’t have car seat compatibility. So make sure you get the right one that suits your specific needs.
  • The ‘side-by-side’ types are too wide and wouldn’t go through congested doorways or shopping center entry points.
  • A single added feature can shoot up the price of the product. So be careful in opting for the features if you really need them or not.
  • The options vary in the market if you have twins or kids with notable age gaps.
  • Be careful when considering the wheels as they are designed for specific purposes

How to choose the Double Stroller?

It is not about choosing the best, but about also choosing the right stroller for your babies. This process can take a good toll out of your mind especially because of huge variety in types, features and also in terms of its limitations.

The following is a list of some of the top points that will help you choose the right double stroller that fulfill your needs and provide comfort to your kids as well:

1. Decide upon the types of double strollers discussed above which suits needs.

2. Determine that for what purposes you will need it. Is it just for casual outdoor trips to the market or you have any special needs such as using it will jogging, hiking or you go for frequent air trips.

3. Decide that how much it will be used.

4. Do you require the car seat option as well?

5. Note down all the features and the associated accessories on a paper and compare it with different types of strollers discussed in the above section.

6. There are some models that look good in the pictures but in reality are not that useful. Therefore, always ‘test drive’ it before making a purchase.

Types of Stroller

1. Double Jogging Stroller

It is an excellent option, especially for the active families, just as its name suggests. The design is unique with three large bicycle types of wheels which are strong enough to withstand the possible variations that are experienced at a bit higher jogging speed.


It can be deployed by parent(s) while jogging or can also be used just for a walk or when going around the city for any recreational purposes with your kids.

They have a wheel suspension system which, along with its light weight provides joggers the opportunity to do it along with their twins. Hold your breath, as this type also comes with hand brake which is absolutely like icing on the cake.

However, it also has a major limitation which must be noted that it has a single fixed front which makes maneuvering the unit a bit of an issue.

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2. Umbrella Stroller

It is given this name because of its curved double handles. They are light weight and can fold up very conveniently just like you would do an umbrella for easy storage, preferred for the compact size and simple structure.


It come with vinyl or fabric seats done on a very basic frame with very basic features such as a storage basket and a sunshade. They usually weight below 20 pounds and its compact size is ideal to carry them around on shorter trips.

It is highly desirable for parents to take on airplanes as they are convenient to go through gate checks and can be stored easily in the flight cabin. It is suitable for infants who are at least 6 months old and are capable of sitting in an upright position. It is not a convenient option for new born as it cannot be laid flat.

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3. Sit and Stand Stroller

It is an incredible solution for the parents who have an infant and another toddler who can walk and don’t want to get strapped in a stroller. The older child has the flexibility to get in and out, and can ride and stand as you are on the move with your kids.


It is a smaller and a compact unit as compared with the tandem type and is usually very convenient for storage or maneuvering with ease.

The standing are for the other toddler can be utilized as a storage space when it is not occupied by your older child. For this reason, it can also be a great option for parents who just have a single child.

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4. Tandem Stroller

This type has two seats just as someone would sit on a motorbike, one behind the other. The front seat is rigid, but the back one can be fully reclined. It is a design, especially suitable for one toddler and one infant.

The toddler can occupy the front seat and the infant can lie comfortably on the reclined back seat as he is too young to be interested in sightseeing.

It is certainly not suitable for twins as that will be an absolute injustice to them and they wouldn’t feel comfortable even if they are well passed the infant age, because of its limited front seat.

Unlike the other type where kids sit side by side, this type has great benefits as it can easily penetrate through congested doorways without any hassle. Pushing it in the crowded areas such as shopping center is also very easy which no other type will give you as good as this one.

5. All Terrain Stroller

These are also alternately known as the sport strollers. It is not necessarily meant for the parents who are just into jogging, but it can be easily carried along during various other activities such as hiking, off-road activities or when just on for a long walk.

It has three wheels, one rear and two in the front. The front ones are swivel wheels which can be locked in order to give more stability to the unit especially on rough off road tracks. These types of models with front swivel wheel are also suitable for jogging, but not otherwise in this type of a structure.

This type can also accommodate just a single car seat so it is a limitation and it can only be used for car seat purposes when the twins get a bit bigger to avoid an infant car seat. It is all in all a versatile model which can be used for multiple purposes.

5. Travel System Stroller

A travel system is a fully packaged infant and toddler stroller and includes a baby stroller, a detachable car seat and a clip-on car seat base...Read More


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